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Virginia Living Magazine: Made in Virginia Awards.

Award for Best New Craft Beverage


“With most of the larger Bloody Mary companies, you have to doctor it up by adding Worcestershire sauce or peppers,” says Green. “We thought, ‘This is ridiculous, why not have a recipe that’s good right out of the bottle?"....

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Richmond Biz Sense.com

In firm’s first ad, GWAR blood runs deep

By: Jonathan Spiers

“We wanted to do something that no other company was doing – something you stop and look at and go, ‘What is that?’ We’ve taken the extreme side to our brand, and it stands out and it’s doing well.”....

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RVA Magazine

RVA's own 'Texas Beach Bloody Mary' mix aims to spice up your Sundays at the river

By: Brad – Apr 07, 2015

“Back in college actually, I had even flirted with the idea of making Bloody Marys for a living,” White said. “Just, you know, like a pipe dream. I never thought I’d actually do it. It’s kind of surreal.”

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Richmond Magazine

There Will Be Bloody Marys

By: Erica Jackson Curran


Austin Green and Greg White’s recipe was born at a friendly New Year’s Eve Bloody Mary competition, and it’s named for a popular stretch of shoreline along the James River...

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“Richmond on the Rocks”

by J.Hoven


“There’s no need to doctor it up”. Let me tell you I normally ALWAYS doctor my mix up with Worcestershire sauce, pickle juice, celery salt, Tabasco and etc. But Texas Beach was right. It comes with a very spicy peppery taste where all you need to add is vodka and some shrimp garnishes. I highly recommend this mix to everyone and anyone who’s looking for some tasty Bloody Mary Mix....

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My Fake Food Blog

Breakfast: Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix & Whole Grain Soda Bread

by Bethany Novak

From a flavor perspective, it’s really well balanced. Incredibly savory, with a salty-brininess that comes from pickle brine and olive juice. It’s spicy thanks to sriracha, but not undrinkably so. This might sound strange, but it’s my blog, so I’m going to say it. It’s thicker than any Bloody Mary mix I’ve ever bought before. You know how grocery store Bloody mary mix looks like red tap water? This ain’t it. This ish is hand-crafted...

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Sweet Caroline RVA

The Perfect RVA Holiday Cocktail

By: Caroline Logan

Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix isn’t your mama’s mix– this delicious mix is just as special as Richmond is. Named after Texas Beach, a park at the south end of Texas Avenue near Maymont, this Bloody Mary mix packs a punch– and is one of the tastiest mixes I’ve ever tried. Garlicky, peppery, and just the right thickness, this is by far my favorite Bloody Mary mix on the planet.

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Scotch & Nonsense Blog


By:  Arielle

Go ahead and start 2016 out right.


Old Bay seasoning, or a mix of salt, cayenne, and paprika for rimming the glass
2 ounces vodka (I've got Tito's on hand today)
Bloody Mary mix (Texas Beach is mighty fine)
Prepared horseradish, optional
A variety of hot sauces (I love this Snake Oil sauce from the guys at Woodberry Kitchen, and we always pick up some Gita's Gourmet when we're in Charleston)
Pickled everything (I've got some cornichons and smokra today)

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