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Who and What Is Texas Beach?

TTexas Beach Bloody Mary is a special place to all of us who kayak, swim, or sunbathe by the north banks of the James here in Richmond, VA. Located at the end of Texas Avenue, Richmonders flock to this river destination. Hot summer days and serene fall walk by the rocks and rushing currents of the James inspired us to name our flagship Bloody Mary Mix. Just as the river flows through Richmond, so does Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix.
In early 2015, Texas Beach first arrived on the shelves of local markets and the tables of hungry brunchers. It was an instant hit amongst Bloody Mary connoisseurs and a relief to bartenders who spent so much time doctoring up the basic mixes. We developed our recipe believing that a Bloody Mary Mix should be amazing right out of the bottle.

Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix is robust, yet perfectly balanced. Savory notes give way to a vibrant, Briney presence and finish with the onset of warming, climbing heat. The entire experience has even converted many who never even knew they liked Bloody Marys! We are convinced what goes into a bottle of Texas Beach will please even the most discerning Bloody Mary enthusiast, but we also take great pride in what is NOT in our bottles.

Each bottle of Texas Beach is FREE of:
  • Artificial Colors
  • Preservatives
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Animal Products (Vegan Friendly)
  • MSG

Here at Texas Beach, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the absolute best Bloody Mary, right out of the bottle, without all of the additives and chemicals found in most conventional mixes. This commitment to innovation, quality, and our great River City prove that Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix truly is...

“Richmond on The Rocks!”

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